Teespring listing save issue

Have you lost a lot of time at trying to save your Teespring listings again and again and nothing happens? Then this is the right place. So continue reading and I will show you the Teespring listing save issue solution in a few minutes.

Teespring is a nice plattform where you can upload your own designs and use the Teespring shop to sell your created products without any problems. But what if Teespring does not let you save your created designs or listings so that can be published? I struggled a lot with this problem until I found a way to get around.

How do I create a new listing?

On the left side on the main navigation you click on "create" and choose your base product on which you want to put your design on (e. g. Classic Tee). In the next view the first thing to do is to upload your design image. This is the first important thing in order to see your results which makes it easier to continue with your configuration.

By adjusting the size and position of your image you generate the perfect look. This is the most important step so far. The further settings let you determine the product color (I would prefer up to five color - not more), the front image to show up in the store and the product prices. The product price specifies your profit from each selling so take a few seconds before you go on.

On the next step you choose further products to put your design on. Do not overdo with the product selection. Think about which product makes sense in combination with your specific design. I would recommend three or four basic products because they generate the most profit. Are you ready with your selection the listing can be saved.


Teespring listing save issue solution

And here comes the most confusing part. Some times after clicking on "save" the listing does not appear in the listing menu. This is because of the behavior of the website. Technically the website has not been ready with the saving action in the backround. It is normal that you want to inspect your just created products as soon as possible. In order to do so you instantly navigate to your lising or shop. But this is wrong. Due to the behavior I described the saving process continues in the background. Now if you load an other page the changes do not save. This process can last up to 15 seconds. So do not hasitate and be patient. Your goal is to wait until the "congratulations" page appears. The same issue happens when you edit your listings. So keep that in mind!

Teespring save issue solution

Wait until this page appears so your Teespring listing gets saved.


Congratulations! You do not have to struggle with unsaved listings anymore. I hope I could help you to avoid the mistakes I made with Teespring.

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